The Top Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For SEO

blogging for seo

The need to have well-written content which appeals to your target audience is essential. However, there are also a few ways that blogging can help with your SEO results too.

We’re going to be looking at just a few of them here, so you’re up to speed on why blogging is a vital element in your marketing strategy.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is something which can be helpful for the SEO of your site. While some people might well consider it to be a dead practice, the truth is that it’s alive and kicking. If you blog on one person’s site and allow them to blog on yours, you’re both potentially doubling the amount of traffic you get on your respective sites. This is especially true if the bloggers you’re working with are well known and influential. Obviously, you want to make sure that you’re working with respectable bloggers, and also that you’re getting unique content.


Keywords are a vital part of SEO, but they’re also changing. It’s not so much the case anymore that you can cram multiple keywords into a blog and get the same result you would have gotten a few years back. With keywords, you should try and make sure you’re using long-tailed ones, in the form of phrases that people might put into a search engine. This means that the blog is the best possible format to put that kind of keywords into your site and also not have them stand out.

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic place these days, with so many people online and choosing to connect with friends and relatives. This does present companies with an easy way to reach a lot of people all at once. However, just churning out adverts every day isn’t going to engage people and hook them in. Blogs provide a story and something to read which isn’t just a hollow advertisement, and this can aid you in trying to capture the attention of your target audience.

Fresh Content

If there’s one thing that ranks highly on search engines, it’s fresh content. This is something which hasn’t been seen before and provides an angle on a topic which is unique. Your website isn’t going to change all that often – the basic layout for your services and content is all pretty much fixed. That’s why having new content for a blog drives people to a site, and this, in turn, brings up the list of search results.

Overall, these are just a few of the different reasons why blogging can be a really helpful tool for your business. We all want to drive customers to a site, and we all want to do well. However, it’s often about having the right tools and aids there to help you get noticed. Blogs can be a wealth of use if you know how to use them properly, and there’s a lot of scope for a blog to go big, so it’s well worth investing in.